donderdag 18 november 2010


In Memoriam Layla Goldstein

I weep for the short, fast and burned life of my sweet, funny and generous friend Layla Goldstein, who has departed on her last, undoubtedly adventurous journey, the thirteenth of March. She was so eager for life, but she couldn't take it all in at once. Outwardly sparkling like champagne, she must have suffered deeply in the black recesses of her soul. I think of her with gratitude and love: she had so much to give! I cherish many happy memories, convinced that sometimes she must have been happy too, on the peaks of her dangerous and exuberant life. She came like a putto, she will leave us on the soft wings of an angel. A better life for you, my little treasure trove, you little treasure seeker!

Tekst: Geerten Meijsing (van zijn helaas ter ziele gegane website)
Tekening: Peter Klashorst

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